A downloadable game

Whats this game about?

The game is about figuring out the origin of the monster whos been chasing you. Meet new friends and allies who will be able to help you on your mission.

What platforms will it be on?

It will be on a .gb file. So anything that can run a .gb file (Emulator, etc) will be able to play it. There may also be a web version.

Why the gameboy?

I love old consoles, and being able to create games for 10+ old consoles gives me a chance to understand its limitations and create fun games.

Will there be physical copies?

I am planning onto making it into Gameboy cartridges, but there isnt a real confirmation on that as the project is pretty young in development.

Will there be a soundtrack?

Yes. I am planning on making two different versions of each song. The gameboy version and the high quality version.

Will the game cost money?

Virtual copies, probably not. If cartridges are going to be a thing, then itll cost with additional gifts as a collectors edition. But don't take my word for it.